The Ring 10 4th Annual Awards Dinner, held Sunday, September 7th,
at the Marina Del Rey in Throggs Neck, was a rousing success.

A sell-out crowd was on hand to welcome the honorees:
Lou DiBella: The Steve Acunto Lifetime Dedication Award
Tyrone Jackson: The Steve Belloise Top Contender Award
Steve Smoger (Referee): The Arthus Mercante Award
Sal Rappa: The Bert Sugar Award
Benjy Esteves: The Jose Torres Rennaissance Man Award
Danny Jacobs: Special Guest

Ron Ross and Promoter Lou DiBella
Lou DiBella, President of DiBella Entertainment, is one of the top boxing promoters in the world. DiBella Entertainment is also the publisher of Ron’s book, NINE ... TEN ... AND OUT! THE TWO WORLDS OF EMILIE GRIFFITH.

Ron Ross with Special Guest of Honor Danny Jacobs at Ring 10 Awards Dinner.
In May of 2011, Danny Jacobs, exciting middleweight boxer from the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called osteosarcoma that caused partial paralysis in his legs and damaged his nerves. With an amazing display of courage, determination and an indomitable spirit he conquered the cancer and last month, on August 9th, scored another tremendous victory, knocking out Jarrod Fletcher to win the WBA Middleweight Championship at the Barclays Center. Here Ron Ross presents Danny with his book, the story of another courageous Brownsville boxer, BUMMY DAVIS VS MURDER, INC;

Ron Ross with Boxing judge and HBO boxing announcer and fight analyst Steve Weisfeld.

Ron Ross with Nancy Farrago, wife of Ring 10 President, Matt Farrago.
Nancy handled the sales of Ron Ross books at the Awards Dinner.


Past Events

Ron Ross reading a “surprise” selection Monday, August 25th, 2014 under the Gazebo at the Schoolhouse Green in Oceanside, NY.

August 25th Guest Writers
Louisa Calio
Florence Gatto
Ron Ross
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