McGurk and Me

Ron Ross’ whale of a tale, McGurk and Me, teaches us that the bigger the bully, the greater the blowhard—in a very literal sense. When McGurk, the bully monster whale, returns after a hundred year nap to create havoc throughout the Sea Kingdom, all the peace-loving fish, though fearful of McGurk’s prowess, are outraged. But it is the least likely hero of all, little Willie Blowfish, who teaches McGurk a thing or two. The book is illustrated by the young artists (7-12 years old) of the Friedberg JCC of Long Island.


Wille the Quiet Turtle

Not all turtles do what other turtles do. Some turtles do what other turtles don’t. And some turtles don’t what other turtles do. But when you are different, it’s always nice to find a friend who is different, too—just like you! That is the lesson that the young artists of the Friedberg JCC of Long Island learned and decided to pass on by illustrating Ron Ross’ story of Willie the Quiet Turtle.