Cheesecake to Die For

Ron Ross’s long awaited sequel to The Tomato Can is finally here! The uproarious Cheesecake to Die For is a wise-guy romp with a host of colorful characters who readers will remember long after the story is over. Everybody knows that mob boss Donato “the Dwarf” Langella is the keeper of the peace—and everything else—in Coney Island. Yet the usual routine of poker and cannoli at the Mermaid Social Athletic Club is abruptly interrupted with the arrival of Louie the Louse, who feels entitled to some of the mob’s perks without doing any of the work. When Louie unceremoniously helps himself to some goods that belong to the Dwarf, things must be made right... and fast. The Dwarf wastes no time enlisting the help of his most trusted allies, including his right-hand man, the loyal and logical “Big Nose” Sallie, “Fats” Suozzo, whose dedication to the Dwarf is rivaled only by his love for a plate full of pretty much anything, and other fellow mob stalwarts who are currently dealing with problems of their own. Joey “the Clown” DiCollona, for instance, manages to find trouble without even looking and is currently contemplating the proper protocol for inviting his wife to his forthcoming wedding to another woman....While the men sitting around the poker table of the Mermaid S.A.C. have their own plans for dealing with the line-crossing Louie, the women of the group have their own ideas. Goldie, the ample blonde working as the cheesecake counter girl at Junior’s, and “Widow” Minnie Brown, the blind cab driver and flower seller, prove that they may just have what it takes to show a loveable group of wise guys that sometimes it takes a wise dame to get the job done right.